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Victor Valentin was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He did not grow up an orphan, but he knows what it's like to be without a parent. For his own childhood, he was raised by his mother in Puerto Rico without the love of a father. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 2002 and was stationed in Yuma, Arizona. After four years, he left the Marines but decided to stay in Yuma, where he and his wife, Yomary, and their two children had put down roots. 


Touched and inspired by a message he heard in 2007 from a local Christian radio station about orphans, Victor decided to create an organization to help orphaned children. In June 2009, he and his wife Yomary succeeded in establishing the No Orphan Left Behind Foundation (NOLBF), a faith-based, nonprofit Christian organization, dedicated to serve orphaned and vulnerable children in the Yuma area and around the world. Originally named VIP For Christ Orphans Ministries, NOLBF has been serving these precious children since 2009. 

Jesus Leonel Hernandez was born in Durango, Mexico and raised by a single parent, his mother Maria Ventura Hernandez. The year 1984 was an unforgettable year due to two events in his life. First, the death of his father, it occurred when he was only thirteen years old. The second event happened when he and his family had to immigrate to the State of California. It was challenging for him to leave a place he lived for thirteen years, learning a new language, and living in poverty. Jesus Leonel knows what it feels to go to sleep without eating all day, sleeping in the floor in a very tiny room, and not hearing the words “I love you” from a father. He understands what orphans feels and what they are facing in their life. Jesus Leonel is very grateful to GOD for giving him the opportunity to know Him while he was growing up in life without a father figure. "One verse that it really helped me was Psalms 27:10" - “Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me”. Jesus Leonel is the founder of Bethel Accounting Services, LLC.

Pastor Isaachar Beauchamp was born in Las Marias, Puerto Rico. He is married to Yolanda Perez and father of two beautiful girls. He is currently residing in Cleveland, Tennessee. Prior to moving to Cleveland, he was the Pastor of the Church of God in Conway, South Carolina. From a young age he felt a special calling to help and bless the poor and needy. Pastor Isaac began working in the area of missions with the Church of God Mission Board of Puerto Rico from 2005 to 2010. During those years, Pastor Isaac had the opportunity to travel in mission trips to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Venezuela, and Turkey.


Since 2010, Pastor Isaac has been actively serving in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and for the glory of God has been able to help restore and build churches, conduct numerous medical operations, and feed thousands in different regions of the two countries. Pastor Issac joined the No Orphan Left Behind family in 2014 and is currently serving as the Director of Missions.

Pastor Elma Desamours was born in Cerca-la-Source, Haiti. He is the Senior Pastor and Founder of the Bethel Church of God of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He is married to Saitilia Desamours Aladin and have four children - two biological children, Ana Sarah and Abel Weslwy, and two adopted children from Haiti, Ruth Sabrina and Woody Yvenson.


Pastor Elma became a Pastor in September of 2001 after completing the Church of God Theological Seminary. Prior to becoming a Pastor, he served as a youth and worship team leader for the Conservatriste Baptist Church of Cerca-la-Source, Haiti. As a Pastor, he has planted twelve churches - eight in Haiti and four in the Dominican Republic. Pastor Elma is the author of a book titled “Daily Bread”. He is also the Co-founder and Administrative Director of our Bethel Educational Center in Cerca-la-Source, Haiti. Pastor Elma joined the No Orphan Left Behind Foundation family in 2014 and is currently serving as the Director of Haiti Operations. 

Pastor Ramon Rodriguez was born in Santiago Rodriquez, Dominican Republic. He is married to Hilda Rosario and is the father of five children, Abraham, Nidia Esmeralda, Nidia Isaamna, Rebeca and Isaac. He is an Ordained Bishop and Pastor of the Church of God of the Dominican Republic since 1990 and is currently serving as the Pastor of Jehovah Shalom Church of God in the City of Gualey. Prior to becoming the Pastor of Jehovah Shalom in Gualey, he served as a Deacon, Youth Pastor, and Pastor of the Church of God in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Pastor Ramon has a heart and passion for the world-wide work of God. Since becoming a Pastor, he has led over 30 mission trips to different parts of the world. He has served in countries such as Haiti, Cuba, Honduras, and many others. Pastor Ramon joined the No Orphan Left Behind Foundation family in 2014 and is currently serving as the Director of the Dominican Republic Operations.

Miguel Angel Gamez was born in El Salvador. He is married to Norma Gamez and is the father of three children, Nathan, Vanessa, and Sarai.  Miguel joined the No Orphan Left Behind Foundation family in 2014 and is currently serving as the Director of Construction Operations. Miguel also serves as the Men's Ministry Director for AV Church located in Yuma, AZ and is owner MG Commercial & Residential Construction, Inc.





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