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For every 100 children in Haiti, 40 will never go to school. Of the 60 children who do, 42 will complete primary school, 20 will attend secondary school programs, and only 5 students will go on to graduate from high school. The average cost of sending one child to school for one year is $350, which doesn’t sound like too much money except when one considers the fact that the average income for an individual Haitian is $400 per year and for a family with a double income about $1,000 per year. Clearly on an income so miniscule, one has not enough to send children to school. Obviously the need to eat is far more important than sending kids to school and for many people they do not have a choice, they have four or five kids to feed and nothing left for education. Often a family may send only one child to school or rotate kids in school for a year. For this reason the average third grade class for example may have children ranging in age from 8 to 15.


We at the No Orphan Left Behind Foundation (NOLBF) believe that every child deserves the right to receive an education. However, a life without access to an education is often the harsh reality for these children, and to deny them of such is unthinkable. We’re working to change that! 



To meet this need, NOLBF launched in 2014 Operation Schools of Hope Haiti and began the construction of a 4-classroom Christian school at the Bethel Church of God in Cerca-la-Source, Haiti. The name of our school is Centre Éducatif Emmanuel (Emmanuel Educational Center).

The grand opening of our school was October 6, 2014 and we had 64 boys and 56 girls on our first day of classes. In June 2015, we bought a property lot adjacent to the Bethel Church of God in Cerca-la-Source to expand our school. With this new facility we are going to be able to provide free education and meals to orphaned and vulnerable children at all levels (kindergarten to High School). 




Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, has one of the worst education systems in the world. The current education system functioning in Haiti is doing so with virtually no Government involvement. Over 50% of school aged children, averaging well over 1.3 million, do not have access to an education. Less than half the population of Haiti can read and write, and Haiti has the lowest enrollment rate for primary education in the Western Hemisphere. How can a country be expected to get out of poverty and develop as a nation, if the majority of their population does not have access to even a basic education? The country needs the support of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and International Organizations to provide support in mending the Haitian education gap.


There is a very detailed examination of the History and current conditions of Haiti's Educational system at:

"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6




Photo: From left to right - NOLBF President Victor Valentin; School Director/Teacher Lemec Jean-Etienne; Teacher Bazzlais Desamours; Teacher Ghislaine Foucher; Teacher Dewilguens Saintellin; Pastor Isaac Beauchamp; General Contractor & NOLB Director Miguel Gamez.


Sponsor a Child - In order to accomplish this mission, we are in need of motivated sponsors to partner with us financially to cover the operational costs of the school. One of the ways you can support us today is by sponsoring one of our kids. The total cost to sponsor one of our kids is only $30 a month – less than a dollar a day!  Through our sponsorship program, you can help us provide these children with free education, Bible teaching, one meal per day, educational materials and uniforms. 


Unlike some organizations, our child sponsorship program is volunteer run. As a result, 100% (after credit card fees) goes into the field. Will you consider becoming a partner in educating these precious Haitian children? Your $30 dollars each month will mean the world to these children.

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